Ability to expand opportunistically.

Respecting your vision.

At Viewside Capital Partners, we invest in the people as much as the asset. Whether it’s your money, your idea, or your expertise, we place the utmost value on being responsible stewards of all.

Investment Type


We make significant investments and function as partners by offering strategic and tactical advice, board representation, and collaboration to directly influence a positive outcome for all.

Investment Criteria:

  • Established, post-revenue companies
  • Positive cash flow (or near) within investment horizon
  • $3-15 million growth equity investments
  • Structured equity and minority control rights


We carefully evaluate and invest in opportunities led by other successful healthcare sponsors where we can provide strategic advice and spur growth towards a positive outcome.

Investment Criteria:

  • Wider range of company stage: pre-revenue to pre-IPO
  • Lead sponsor is well known healthcare investor
  • $3-10 million structured equity investments
  • Focus on minority rights and future pro-rata investment rights
  • Potential to move to a Viewside-Led investment as company matures

Accelerate your business.

Your business has made an impact on the healthcare industry. Now, it’s time to build a legacy. Ready to learn how a partnership with Viewside can transform your organization in an authentic and meaningful way?